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2007 Astronomical society of the
Pacific/Klumpke-Roberts Award

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The Klumpke-Roberts is a national award that was established by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific to recognize outstanding contributions to the public understanding and appreciation of astronomy. Past recipients of the Klumpke-Roberts award include Isaac Asimov, Carl Sagan, Chesley Bonestell, Andrew Fraknoi, Heidi Hammel and Jack Horkheimer.

Noreen Grice presents Touch the Invisible sky poster paper at the ASP Conference.

Noreen Grice presents sky poster

James Manning presents award to Noreen

James Manning (ASP Executive Director) presents the Klumpke-Roberts Award to Noreen Grice

Noreen Grice speaks at the ASP Awards Banquet Noreen speaks at banquet
Mary Kay Hemmenway and Noreen Mary Kay Hemmenway (ASP Secretary) and Noreen Grice
Noreen is congratulated by Andy Fraknoi and Michael Gibbs from the ASP Andy Fraknoi and  Michael Gibbs
Klumpke-Roberts Award The Klumpke-Roberts Award presented to Noreen Grice
The 2007 Astronomical Society of the Pacific Award Recipients


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