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2011 National Federation of the Blind Youth Slam -
Baltimore, MD, July 2011

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A Large Cardboard Geodesic Dome
Students Working Together
Noreen Grice helped students build a large cardboard
geodesic dome. Students clip triangles together to make pentagons.
Working together, the students connect the pentagons to other triangles to create the geodesic dome.
Completed Geodesic Dome!
Group Photo of Students and Teachers
The completed geodesic dome!
Group photo of the Space and Engineering students and
teachers who worked together to build the geodesic dome.
NASA Astronaut Donald Thomas
Noreen Grice, Chelsea Cook and Astronaut Thomas
NASA Astronaut Donald Thomas visits the Youth Slam Space Track students.
Space Track instructors Noreen Grice and Chelsea Cook with Astronaut Donald Thomas.
Thomas inside the Dome
Noreen Grice, Max Mutcher and Angie Christian
Astronaut Thomas inside the geodesic dome.
Noreen Grice with Max Mutcher (STSCI) and Angie Christian.
Mars Habitat at Youth Slam Science Fair
Wait in Line to Enter Dome
Youth Slam Science Fair - Space Track display with Mars Habitat
(geodesic dome).
Participants at the Youth Slam Science Fair wait in line
to enter the geodesic dome.
2011 Youth Slam TShirt

Close-Up of the 2011 Youth Slam T-Shirt identifying You Can Do Astronomy
LLC as a supporter of the Youth Slam.