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Noreen Grice is available with work with your architect and planning committee
to make your planetarium accessible for visitors with disabilities.



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Building or renovating a planetarium?

For most people, visiting a planetarium simply involves walking into the star theater, taking a seat, looking up at the stars and listening to the narrator. However data from the U.S. Census suggests that 20% of all Americans have a disability, which limits or prevents seeing, hearing, walking or communicating verbally.

The Americans with Disabilities Act provides accessibility requirements based on the size and seating capacity of your planetarium theater. These requirements may include the need to offer wheelchair seating, assistive listening devices, captioning devices and tactile materials. How do you know exactly which accessibility options will work best in your planetarium?

Company Founder and President Noreen Grice has over 30 years worth of experience in the planetarium environment presenting programs for students and the general public, developing tactile/Braille materials and working with vendors to create innovative accessibility options. Noreen is recognized as a leading authority on making astronomy accessible to people with disabilities.

You Can Do Astronomy LLC is available to work with your architect and those involved with planetarium design and renovation to ensure that your theater is both welcoming and accessible for all visitors.

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