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Authored by Noreen Grice

Touch The Universe: A NASA Braille Book of Astronomy
makes the universe accessible for readers of all visual abilities!
Touch The Universe was funded by a NASA grant received by Dr. Bernhard Beck-Winchatz of DePaul University.
Noreen Grice developed the text and tactile illustrations. Benning Wentworth II (Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind) evaluated the tactile images with his students.

Touch the Universe: A NASA Braille Book of Astronomy is 59 pages long. The text is in print and Braille and the images are embossed color pages.
There are 13 touchable color images are relating to the Hubble Space Telescope
(The Hubble Space Telescope, Hubble Space Telescope Orbits Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus,
The Ring Nebula, Hourglass Nebula, Eskimo Nebula, Eagle Nebula, Globular Cluster NGC 6093, Galaxy Cluster NGC 4603,
Galaxy Cluster Abell 2218, Hubble Northern Deep Field of Galaxies).

Touch the Universe Cover

Image of Touch the Universe

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