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Everyone's Universe, (2011)
Authored by Noreen Grice

2011 Everyones Universe Cover

Everyone's Universe: A Guide to Accessible Astronomy Places
176 (large print) pages
ISBN# 978-0-9833367-0-7

Remember how excited you felt the first time you looked at the moon
through a telescope? How you wanted to scan the sky and see what other
hidden gems were hiding in the darkness? Now imagine that you were not
welcome or allowed to look through the telescope. Millions of people are
denied this opportunity because astronomy facilities are not accessible to
them. This book provides strategies and resources to remove barriers and
make observing sessions welcoming and accessible for people of all
abilities. If you are an astronomy educator, you can help make the
universe accessible! And if you are an astronomy enthusiast, use this
state-by-state guide to find accessible destinations.

This book is now out of print and has been replaced with Everyone's Universe: A Guide to Accessible Astronomy Pages (second edition)

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