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International Astronomical Union :
Communicating Astronomy With The Public,
Oct 2007 - Athens Greece

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Noreen Grice presented an oral and poster paper on "Creating Opportunities in Astronomy: Communication for People who are Blind or Visually Impaired" and co-presented a paper on the new astronomy book "Touch the Invisible Sky."

Noreen Grice presented an oral and poster paper

Touch the Invisible Sky Authors

Touch the Invisible Sky co-authors from left to right,
Simon Steel, Doris Daou, Noreen Grice.

Noreen stands near the Acropolos, with Athens in the background
Noreen stands near the Acropolis
Noreen visited the Tactual Museum
Noreen visited The Tactual Museum, operated by the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece in Athens . This Museum is highly recommended for anyone interested in learning about Greek art and history and you are encouraged to touch the exhibits!
Visit the Tactual Museum web site at
Conference participants at the entrance to the Athens Planetarium
Conference participants at entrance to Athens Planetarium