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Accessible Historical Astronomer: Maria Mitchell Portrayal

Accessible Historical Astronomer: Maria Mitchell Portrayal

On October 1, 1847, astronomer Maria Mitchell (1818-1889) scanned the skies over Nantucket Island and discovered a comet. This was big news at the time and she received a gold medal from the King of Denmark and
worldwide attention. Miss Mitchell was inducted as the first woman scientist in the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.

When Vassar College opened in 1865, Professor Maria Mitchell directed the college observatory and taught young woman that they can be scientists too. She spent 23 years at Vassar, opening the eyes and minds of a new
generation of scientists.

Noreen Grice, a New England native, portrays astronomer Maria Mitchell through informal conversations with students and museum visitors and encourages people to observe the beauty of the universe too!

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Noreen Grice Galileo, Chelsea and Maria Mitchell
Chelsea and Noreen Grice Noreen, Chelsea with Telescope
NASM DCamera and Noreen Grice Noreen with Visitors