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Founder of
You Can Do Astronomy LLC

In 1984, a group of blind students opened my eyes to the need for accessibility in science education. The planetarium show I presented, and they attended, was not accessible because the images were projected on the ceiling overhead. They told me the show "stunk" and it got me thinking -- why can't astronomy be accessible for everyone?

"Over thirty years later, I am president of You Can Do Astronomy LLC and author of six published accessible astronomy books. One book is in large print and ebook format and the other five books have text in print and Braille and pictures that are touchable. These books are in the hands of blind and visually impaired readers who use their fingers and mind's-eye to "see" celestial objects and the distant universe, many for the first time."

I believe that people who read visually or by touch can learn together if science education is accessible. I am committed to creating new universally designed books, products and methods to change the way people learn!

B.A. in Astronomy, Boston University
M.S. in Astronomy, San Diego State University
M.B.A. Central Connecticut State University (AACSB  Accredited)
Professional Certificate in Museum Studies, Tufts University
Professional Certificate in Non-Profit Management, Boston Center for Adult Education
Professional Certificate in Assistive Technology, California State University, Northridge
Literary Braille Course, Perkins School for the Blind
Tactile Graphics Training, National Braille Association
Education of the Exceptional Learner, Central Connecticut State University

In making the planetarium environment welcoming and accessible to people with disabilities.
Work highlighted in Sky & Telescope Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, UK Museum  text, Insight: A Guide to Design with Low Vision in Mind (Evamy/Roberts)

Over 30 years Experience:
* creating accessible astronomy materials for the visually impaired
* presenting accessible astronomy programming
* presenting planetarium programs and teaching in museum environment

Over 10 years Experience:
* teaching undergraduate astronomy courses

2018 MHSAA Hall of Fame Inductee
2018 M.B.A. Academic Award (Central Connecticut State University)
2017 Woodward Award (National Federation of the Blind of Connecticut)
2017 Marjorie Kettell Distinguished Alumna Award (Boston University)
2014 Independent Book Publishers of New England Book Award
2014 Eric Hoffer Book Award
2012 Next Generation Indie Book Finalist
2010 Boston University Distinguished Alumni Award
2009 YWCA Malden Tribute to Women Award
2008 Dr. Jacob Bolotin Award, National Federation of the Blind
2007 Klumpke-Roberts Award, Astronomical Society of the Pacific
2004 Local Hero, Bank of America
2002 Exceptional Service Award, Middle Atlantic Planetarium Society
1999 Host of the New England Emmy Award-winning children's TV series, Mission Mars
1994 Fellows Award, International Planetarium Society
1991 Certificate of Achievement, Johns Hopkins National Search for Computing to Assist Persons with Disabilities
1989 Director's Award, Museum of Science, Boston
1987 Vice-Presidential Leadership Award, San Diego State Univ.

Touch the Stars, 5th edition (2019)
Everyone's Universe: A Guide to Accessible Astronomy Places, second edition (2012)
Everyone's Universe: A Guide to Accessible Astronomy Places (2011)
Touch the Invisible Sky: A Multi-Wavelength Braille Book Featuring Tactile NASA Images (2007), Ozone Publishing
NASA Images (2007), Ozone Publishing
Touch The Sun, A NASA Braille Book (2005), Joseph Henry Press
The Little Moon Phase Book (2005), Ozone Publishing
El Pequeno Libro de las Fases de la Luna (2005), Ozone Publishing
Touch The Stars II (2002), National Braille Press
Touch The Universe: A NASA Braille Book of Astronomy (2002), Joseph Henry Press
Touch the Stars II (2002) , National Braille Press
Touch The Stars (1990, 1993, 1998), Museum of Science, Boston

Monthly columns for the children's science magazine, Odyssey (1998-2006)

How to Make Planetariums More Accommodating and Accessible to Visitors with Disabilities (1996), Great Lakes Planetarium Association

Here,There and Everywhere (2014), Chandra X-ray Center
From Earth to the Solar System (2011), Chandra X-ray Center
Tactile Carina Nebula panel (2010), Space Telescope Science Institute
Selections from Museum Collections, New Britain Museum of American Art (2009), New Britain, CT
Touch the Earth: A Multimedia book about the Earth's Biomes (2009), NASA
Solar System Radio Explorer Kiosk Exhibit, (2007), NASA

American Astronomical Society
Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association
International Astronomical Union
International Planetarium Society
Middle Atlantic Planetarium Society
National Association of Science Writers
New England Science Writers
National Federation of the Blind

Noreen Grice is a member of the advisory working group for the National Center for Blind Youth in Science (NCBYS) at the Jernigan Institute, National Federation of the Blind, Baltimore, MD.

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