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You can touch the sun! These images are especially designed for learners to feel the features of the sun and better understand the sun's activity.

Our beautiful, colorful tactile images allow students of all abilities and learning styles the chance to explore new STEM concepts, as they better understand the dynamics of our sun.

Our tactile sun images serve:

TEACHERS and SCHOOL DISTRICTS: who want to enhance the learning journey of their students.

PARENTS: who want to empower their children by reinforcing STEM concepts.

MUSEUMS, PLANETARIUMS and OBSERVATORIES: who want to offer their visitors a unique hands-on learning resource.

$25 plus shipping for each set of five tactile sun images of your choice. Discounts are available on orders of five or more sets.

To Purchase: Select five of the images below for your set. Please email your preferences and note that the supply of each image is limited! We will reply to your email with ordering instructions.


The tactile image choices are: The Full Sun, Erupting Prominence, Full Sun with Sunspots, Interior Layers of the Sun, Prominence and Earth, Motions of Sunspots, Earth-Sun Comparison, Magnetic Fields on the Sun, Ultraviolet Sun.

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