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You Can Do Astronomy LLC is an accessibility design and consulting company with a focus
on making astronomy and space science accessible to people through universal design.

Our diverse projects include:

Touch the Solar System Touch the Stars Tactile Book ..
.Everyone's Universe Book Cover

Astronomer Maria Mitchell living history program
NEW! Touch the Solar System Touch the Stars Tactile Book Everyone's Universe is an award-winning
book on accessible astronomy
Astronomer Maria Mitchell program living history program

"When you've got all five senses and both your legs work, it's easy to miss how often society neglects those for whom this isn't true. In Everyone's Universe, Noreen Grice, a uniquely inspired champion of astronomy education, has identified activities and places in America where, no matter your level of sensory or physical limitation, the universe is accessible to all. As it should be. "

Neil deGrasse Tyson
Astrophysicist & Director, Hayden Planetarium
American Museum of Natural History




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